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Compare and contrast Amanda and Ashley

As far as twins go, Amanda and Ashley are really very different. Not only do they look very different, but their personalities and preferences are very different as well. First, in the looks department, Ashley is more substantial in almost … Continue reading

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Amanda and Ashley’s Red Egg and Ginger Party

Two years ago, we hosted a couple hundred people at the Moonstar in San Francisco for Alissa’s red egg and ginger party. This time around, we ended up with mostly the same crowd at the Daly City Moonstar since the … Continue reading

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By the numbers

I thought I’d try to summarize the pregnancy to date with a list of numbers. 1 – The number of babies we thought we were going to have. 2 – The number of betamethozone shots Bonnie got to help the … Continue reading

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Baby B’s first glamour shot

We haven’t been publishing ultrasound pictures since they’re not that great usually and we go all the time anyway. But yesterday, we got a good one of Baby B since she was in a good position. (By definition, Baby A … Continue reading

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That my friends, is the statistical probability of having two girls in a twin pregnancy. Ironically, that’s also the probability that the father of said twin girls ends up prematurely gray. I kid. (More precisely, I kid-kid.) The important thing … Continue reading

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First annual family BBQ

We’ve been anticipating today as the day we share our big news with Bonnie’s family at the first annual family BBQ down at Rengstorff Park in Mountain View. As you may remember from the last post, Bonnie’s plan was to … Continue reading

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Alissa has some big news… and some REALLY big news!!!

I have news and I have NEWS. The news is that Bonnie is pregnant again! Yay! We were hoping #2 would come about when Alissa turned two and as it turns out, Alissa will be around 26 months. Now, for … Continue reading

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